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Traditionally associated with grimy and greasy premises, often in backstreet locations, automotive workshops and service centres around the Sydney metropolitan region and throughout NSW are taking on a new image. CFP is leading the way in supplying their customers with the right systems for their flooring needs.

Major benefits from CFP floors in the automotive industry include:

  • Highly resistant to grease, fuel, acids and even heat
  • Light reflection and general safety greatly improved
  • Slip resistant yet easy to clean
  • Floor maintenance & cleaning costs reduced

Our regular client base is second to none and they include:

Sydney City Toyota (Waterloo)

Well over 3000 sq. metres was completed by CFP in what has been a bit of a trend-setter. The job was completed in 1999 and since that date, most Toyota’s, as well as others are getting exactly the same treatment.

Tynan Motors (Kirawee)

In what was an old factory that burnt down, with some of it’s original concrete lifting, CFP was chosen to give Tynan Motors a floor with which they would be proud to show off to their customers.

Sydney City Toyota (Waterloo)   Tyan Motors (Kirawee)

Lexus of Chatswood

CFP applied the 5-coat system to about 4,200 sq. metres of floor that Toyota has since specified for all their workshops.


Stewart Toyota (Rockdale & Kirawee)

CFP was originally asked to supply Stewart Toyota with a floor to their 2 workshops at Rockdale. The job ended up into a much bigger task, with their showroom also receiving the CFP terrazzo treatment and then their Kirawee Toyota site, as well as their 2 Lexus workshops.

Lexus of Chatswood  

Hunter City Autos (Hamilton, Newcastle) 

This is probably the most modern car facility in the Newcastle area, and CFP was chosen to make them even more unique by applying their floor.

Hunter City Autos (Hamilton, Newcastle)